Robert Feeney

Associate Wealth Advisor

Robert Feeney helps his clients to make smart and effective decisions on how to manage their whole financial life picture by guiding them through an easy to follow, step by step financial roadmap.  By listening and understanding his clients’ needs, Robert provides personalized, objective advice to achieve their desired financial lifestyle.

Robert’s overwhelming desire to help his clients is what sets him apart. His passion to help others stems back as early as fifth or sixth grade when he recalls helping neighborhood kids whenever they were in need or being bullied. Later in life that passion developed into pursuing truth with high ethical standards and building strong relationships based on uncompromising integrity and trust. 

Life experiences allow Robert to relate extremely well with his clients. One thing that many of his client's absolutely appreciate about him is his ability to understand complex strategies and explain them in easy to understand concepts. Robert loves to review a family's financial life and guide them in all aspects. This means reviewing their insurances, loans, taxes, benefits, 401k's, pensions, Social Security and anything else that makes up their whole financial picture.

For the past half-decade Robert has been helping busy professionals properly protect their lifestyle and build more wealth with less risk and greater stability than traditional methods. He chose Centric over other advisory firms because they share many core values like integrity, relationship building and expertise. Centric also has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in-house. By partnering with Centric, Robert is confident that his clients will experience unmatched executive level value and service.

Getting To Know Robert

I Enjoy Working With

I enjoy working with individuals that are dedicated to protecting and building their financial future. Individuals with a positive attitude and the desire to make the tough changes if necessary.

Why I Chose Centric

We share many core values like integrity, relationship building and helping others by doing what is right.

My Family

Happily married since 1991 to my high school sweetheart, Jodi. We have wonderful two sons, Robbie and Zach. We have two beautiful grandchildren, Tripp and Laylah.

Why I Do What I Do

Growing up and throughout much of my adult life, I was never taught financial principles. Now, I want to educate others and help them make smart decisions on how to manage their financial life picture.

In My Free Time

I love spending time with my wife and playing with my grandkids. Jodi and I love to help others and go on mission trips sharing the Gospel.



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