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Businesses without solid succession plans often fail when the owner or a senior-level partner retires, becomes incapacitated or dies. Problems can also arise when partners no longer see eye to eye and decide to part ways. Planning early, basing decisions solely on business needs and revisiting the plan as conditions change are the keys to a successful business succession plan.

Consider the following…

Four major reasons why business owners neglect to have business valuations performed


Traditionally, can cost >$10k

Time Consuming 

Traditionally, can take > 4 weeks


Intensive process for already busy owners

Not Now

Owners wait until an event

Reasons why a business owner should know their value


Deeper understanding of your largest asset


Ensure you have the right amounts of insurance

Plan Your Future

Know the facts for a more accurate retirement/estate plan

Make Better Decisions

Guided by facts

Know Your Potential

Understand the ways you can increase the value of your business

We give you the details you need…

“When I founded my company with my two co-founders, Tom and Steven, seven years ago, crafting our buy sell agreement felt like creating divorce papers on your wedding date. Luckily, we listened to our advisor and crafted the buy sell agreement. Four years later Steven was tragically killed… After several months went by, Tom wanted out of the business because he wanted to spend more time with his family. The death of Steven, his childhood friend, created a shift in his priorities.”

“Fortunately, in our case, we had a stack of documents to go back to and unequivocally discern what Steven’s family and Tom were owed for their portions of the business. As you can imagine, it was less than what they thought it was worth and that agreement quite possibly saved our company.”

-Sara R., Entrepreneur



Let us generate a business valuation to give you the facts you need to make sound financial decisions. 


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