Legacy Planning

What is your legacy? For many people, family and charity are high on the list of those who should benefit from their lifetime of work. However, the IRS also wants a piece of the action.

Our Advisors will guide you through our Legacy Planning Process:

Identify What Inspires

Determine what inspires you


Create A Giving Mission Statement

Develop a personal giving mission statement

Review Giving History

Why and how have you given in the past

Engage The Next Generation

Family giving presents a significant opportunity to pass down values across generations and to teach valuable lessons related to wealth and inheritance.

Research Non-Profit

Nonprofits are considered part of the public trust and must follow strict operating guidelines. We will research, evaluate and monitor the activities of the nonprofits that interest you.

Form A Client-Focused Team

Effective charitable planning requires the collaboration of a set of advisors—from wealth managers to accountants to attorneys. We call this the Legacy Team. 

Decide Where To Give

The personal mission statement helps you select causes and organizations to support

Build The Strategy

Understanding and expressing what you hope to achieve with your gift is a crucial step in building a personal giving strategy.

Present Personal Recom­mendations

In collaboration with your legacy team, we present options for your consideration.

Implement The Strategy

We work with you and your legacy team to implement the chosen actions, adjusting as necessary based on changing goals, circumstances and needs.

Want to Know More About Legacy Planning

Our dedicated advisors have the knowledge and experience to help you with effective estate, legacy, and gift planning strategies.

You can rest assured knowing that...

Your Legacy is OUR PROMISE.

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