Investment Management

Our Investment Management Process is...


Combining Modern portfolio theory and behavioral economics


A systemic process based on observed market behaviors


Changing valuations, volatility and correlations are continuously weighed against expectations

By leveraging a powerful, disciplined, and responsive investment process, you receive transparency of information, seamless proactive service and the trust and accountability you need to meet your investment objectives. While working with the Investment Committee, your Wealth Advisor builds out your portfolio and continually evaluates your portfolio in order to achieve your goals. 

Does My Portfolio Fit Me?


1. Goal

Set an investment objective commensurate with the client’s goals


2. Balance

Build a portfolio based on the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory


3. Execution

Maintain / rebalance with discipline and focus on costs

Studying and understanding the different phases of the business and economic cycle allows our firm to optimally position AlphaTilt Portfolios into FACTOR ETFs that have historically demonstrated superior performance characteristics during different phases of the economic cycle.

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