Financial Planning

Let's Start Planning Your Financial Future Today


A Centric Wealth advisor can help you build a plan in just 3 simple steps.


1. We Listen

We'll listen as you explain your needs, dreams, and fears. Then we'll design a personalized plan that explains how we can help you reach your financial goals.


2. Action

We work together to implement the plan. Then we keep you updated on where you stand and adapt the plan as life happens.


3. Relax

We're here for you whenever you need us. Call us at any time, for any reason. Buying a new car? Ask our advice. Been offered a new job? Give us a call. Child getting married? Congrats - we'll help you figure out how to pay for the wedding! 

If a dollar sign is involved, we can help. We’re just a call or email away.

The financial planning process begins by understanding who you are, and what matters most in your life. We’ll have a detailed discovery discussion and listen for answers to important questions, such as

 What is the goal for my money?

 How do I envision my golden years?

 Am I on the right financial track?

 Can we integrate all my goals into one comprehensive plan?

How do I pay for my child's education?

 How can I improve my chances of success in retirement?

These discussions are important in helping us tailor our recommendations to your situation. Whether you’re planning for retirement, college, your first home, or anything in-between, we are with you! Let our knowledgable and experienced advisors guide you through all the important financial decisions in your life.

For Individuals

Our Wealth Advisors also provide focused planning which includes the following components:

  1. Family Index Number: The personalized rate of return designed to help you work toward achieving your goals and objectives
  2. Personalized Cash-Flow Planning: Tailored to identify and address the inflows and outflows of your spending plan
  3. Risk Management Planning: Comprehensive analysis of life, disability, long-term care and other risk management solutions
  4. Education Planning: Comprehensive analysis of the resources needed to help pay for children's or grandchildren's college
  5. Social Security Analysis: Custom analysis of every Social Security claiming option available

For Businesses

Do you know what your business is worth? Do you have a succession plan in place should something unexpectedly happen to you? How will the sale of your business affect your retirement?

These are the questions that our Wealth Advisors can help you answer. Through focused planning, our team of professionals can help you determine an accurate valuation of your business to incorporate into your personalized financial plan.

Financial Planning Backed By Technology


We leverage technology to provide you with a dynamic planning experience. Our cloud-based software allows you to aggregate and view all your financial accounts in a single online platform. We create financial plans in real-time and update them as your life evolves. 


Your financial plan will provide you with a road map for the future, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way. 

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One Philosphy

Every one of our financial advisors receives rigorous training in Zac Majors and Oscar Mondragon's philosophy, which is based on academic research (including that of a Nobel laureate in Economics) and behavioral finance. 

Our planners believe that everyone, rich or not so rich, deserves great financial advice and planning services. No matter which advisor you work with, you can be confident that they'll put YOUR BEST INTERESTS FIRST and that you are getting the best experience we have to offer. 

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