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Shaun Taylor

phone 346-980-4000

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Why I do what I do...
I am driven to be a Servant Leader. I have a strong desire to make a positive impact of peoples lives. I have
been through a lot in my life and that has given me wisdom. Helping people young and old not make the
same financial mistakes that I have made is also a big reason why I love working as a Advisor. I get the
privilege of Coaching people up so they can minimize life’s pitfalls and live their BEST Life!

I enjoy working with...
People who value professional and Expert Guidance. This includes: Corporate Executives, Small Business
Owners, Oil and Gas service companies, Individual Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes and Entertainers,
Healthcare workers, Real Estate professionals, Women Professionals, Divorcees and those in the Midst of a
Divorce, current retirees and Individuals or Couples Retiring within the next 10 years and people who want
to leave a legacy using Estate Planning Strategies.

My education consists of...
Harvard University ALB ’04 Bachelor of Liberal Arts in extension Studies
Series 7, 66 Licenses; Licensed Insurance, Life and Health Agent

Before Centric, I...
Have worked for several different firms over my career. I began my career in 2007 and got a front row seat to
the 2008 stock market crash. This was great experience for me to see and has allowed me to help clients
navigate successfully during the current Coronavirus crisis.

I chose Centric because...
after 15 years working for other financial corporations, it’s time I work for myself. At this stage in my life and
career, having the independence to run my practice based on my value system and as a Fiduciary is
important to me. It is equally important to me to have like minded strategic partners like Zac and Oscar who
also believe we must serve clients with honor and respect. I don’t push products I create strategies. Centric
is a place where I have the freedom to be myself.

The best part about my career is...
As long as my mind is sharp I never have to retire.
No matter where a person lives in this world I can help them. My goal is to have clients ALL over the world!
The best piece of financial advice I have received is...
My grandmother said: if you save more than you spend and live modestly, you’ll always have money to live
and enjoy your life.

My life outside of work

My family includes...
My wife of 20 years, Kimberly, who reminds me daily to pick up my shoes! My precious daughter Adriana
who is starting college. My Mom who is 94 years young and my dog/best bud “Scruffy" who runs the

In my free time, you can find me...
Not in a suit and tie!! Enjoying the fellowship on the golf course or lounging around the house.

I’m passionate about...
Doing work that honors Christ. God’s has given each of us an assignment. I’m human and even though I
make tons of mistakes and fall short all the time. I am passionate about making sure I live a life that is
pleasing to GOD. Each morning i wake up and I ask, Lord, who am I helping today? I get up and keep
moving forward no matter what.

My favorite quote is…
I am responsible, for being responsible, for the destiny on my life.

If I could meet anyone, past or present, it would be...
My grandfather.

My favorite food is...
Candy…Peppermint Patties
Food- Trout

My hidden talent is...
DJing music. Everything from Country to POP to Classic Rock, classic R&B and Motown Soul

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