Career Changers


Having had the wisdom of real-life experience is a huge benefit as a second career financial advisor. Over the years you’ve learned how financial, personal and professional aspects of life can intersect and change.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Can you see yourself working to make a difference in the lives of others by helping them plan for retirement and/or reaching other life goals?
  • Are you ready to challenge yourself in new, interesting and rewarding ways?
  • Are you a professional with an extensive network?
  • Do you find yourself interested in investments and how they affect our personal financial futures?

If you find yourself answering “yes,” then a second career as a financial advisor may be a rewarding path for you.


Consider a few reasons to get into the wealth management business below. 


You'll receive financial support to help you get started, and with our performance-based incentive compensation package you'll have the opportunity to earn as much income as you desire. 


Make a difference in the lives of your clients, your community, and the world. Through your planning efforts, you may be the one to put the funding vehicle in place to pay medical school costs for the person who develops the cure for cancer.   


Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, New Experiences, Career. You'll have the ability to priortize and focus on the important things in life. Set your personal balance between your career and your life. 

Our Culture is Full of L.I.F.E.

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Sometimes being different is hard to explain. But not to us.

We clearly know why our stakeholders are proud to work for Centric.

Our clients' interests come first.

We value working in partnership and relationships.

Individuals and their contributions are valued and respected.

We believe in a quality-oriented, long-term client relationships, that become stronger as the years pass by.

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