Centric Wealth has created AlphaTilt, a highly disciplined and responsive investment process. Built on the framework of scientific research, AlphaTilt is supported by 70 years of economic theory and empirical research dating back to 1934.

Style Factors: 

At the foundation of our proprietary AlphaTilt Series is factor investing- a strategy that focuses on security attributions associated with excess returns. By leveraging advances in data and technology, we are better able to enhance portfolio returns while reducing risk in all phases of the business cycle.

AlphaTilt Portfolio Series: 

Studying and understanding the different phases of the business and economic cycle allows our firm to optimally position AlphaTilt Portfolios into FACTOR ETFs that have historically demonstrated superior performance characteristics during different phases of the economic cycle.


Opportunistically enhance risk-adjusted returns over the long-term through tactical tilting with targeted factor ETFs.


Reduce overall portfolio volatility and provide limited downside protection during market corrections through tactical tilting with select factors ETFs.


Enhance risk-adjusted returns over the long-term by making modest tilts while maintaining consistent broad exposure to factor ETFs.


Enhance current income of equity and fixed income portions of diversified portfolio by utilizing specific single and multi-factor ETFs.


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